Rage Catering is a new family run business out of Edmonton. We pride ourselves on using top quality ingredients from around Alberta to bring you outstanding quality dishes. With years of experience from our Head Chef Richard Toll, we bring grace and elegance to all of our events. From weddings to personal catering, we can cater all types of events.

Chef Richard specializes in many different cuisines from Thai to Italian and can customize your menu to fit your budget and food preferences. Let him take you on a culinary adventure, opening your mind to new and beautifully crafted dishes. Take YOUR event to the next level.

With a broad knowledge of wines, whisky and beer, let Chef Toll pair your meal. Have friends and family over and experience restaurant style food and beverages with all the comforts of your home. Custom dishes prepared for all of your tastes bringing the fine dining adventure to you. Our personal catering offers a wide variety of menus to choose from and easily accommodated to your preferences.

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Make your next event "ALL THE RAGE!"

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  • I Have a Venue!

    Exciting News! I am now working with The Mercury Room as an outside caterer! This means I now have a venue to offer to clients looking to host events! You can check them out at Mercury Room

    By RageCatering | November 15, 2015

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  • Menu’s now available!

    The RAGE! Website now has menu’s available! Please remember that these are starting points. My mission is to work with you to customize the menu to your needs and tastes. I look forward to hearing how I can customize a menu to make your next event ALL THE RAGE! Thank you, Chef Richard Toll

    By RageCatering | September 7, 2015

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